Sunday, May 5, 2013

Felix Hausdorff Set Theory PDF Download

This work is a translation into English of the Third Edition of the classic German language work Mengenlehre by Felix Hausdorff published in 1937. From the Preface (1937): ``The present book has as its purpose an exposition of the most important theorems of the theory of sets, along with complete proofs, so that the reader should not find it necessary to go outside this book for supplementary details while, on the other hand, the book should enable him to undertake a more detailed study of the voluminous literature on the subject. The book does not presuppose any mathematical knowledge beyond the differential and integral calculus, but it does require a certain maturity in abstract reasoning; qualified college seniors and first year graduate students should have no difficulty in making the material their own ... The mathematician will ... find in this book some things that will be new to him, at least as regards formal presentation and, in particular, as regards the strengthening of theorems, the simplification of proofs, and the removal of unnecessary hypotheses.''


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