Tuesday, May 7, 2013

John L. Kelley General Topology PDF Download

General Topology is not only a textbook, it is also an invaluable reference work for all mathematicians working the field of analysis. It has long been out of print, but a whole generation of mathematicians, including myself, learned their topology from this book. There are no wasted words in Kelley’s presentation; every sentence is short and to the point, but the student would do well to contemplate each of them, for they are pregnant with subtle implications. The numerous problems that follow each chapter are well chosen to complete the students’ understanding of the topics discussed. THIS VOLUME gives a systematic exposition of the part of general topology which has proven useful in several branches of mathematics and is intended especially as a background for modern analysis. One of the many features of this volume is the wealth and diversity of problem material which includes counter-examples and numerous applications of general topology to different fields. The appendix, which is entirely independent of the rest of the book, includes an axiomatic treatment of set theory. The author has included the most commonly used terminology, and all terms are listed in the index. As a reference, this book offers a unique coverage of topology.